SBMA Digital Marketing System Examples

The following are examples of fictional local service business owners. Notice how their Digital Marketing Systems are creatively tailored to their budgets and unique businesses.   Also, note that the systems not only grow their sales but also make their business operations more efficient, freeing them and their employees up to take on other tasks.

Bret is the sole operator of an HVAC business that he runs with help from his wife Anne.

Core System: Basic

Traffic Generators:  Bret and Anne use several online lead services like Angie’s List and Yelp.   

Bret uses a “web-chat widget” on the homepage of his website that encourages visitors to text him directly while he’s in the field.  And if someone calls Brett while he’s phone, they will receive an automated text to inform them that Brett will call them back shortly.  This has improved Bret’s “speed-to-lead” and has increased the amount of leads he has converted to sales! 

Bret is able to capture all of his calls on his mobile app, and he can easily collect his excellent 4 and 5 star customer reviews via a text he sends his customers after each job he completes

These reviews go his website to build trust with new prospective customers as well as to his Google Business Profile Page to help improve his local SEO rank.            

Bret and Anne are also able to track where their leads are coming from so they can evaluate where they are getting their best returns.  And now, they even gets paid quicker by using their  “text-2-pay” feature!  All for just $97 per month!

Estimated Set-up Fees - $100

Monthly Investment – $97

Tiffany owns a successful women’s hair salon with five stylists

Core System: Professional

Traffic generator: Local SEO – Tiffany gets a steady stream of new customers from women that are looking online for a new women’s hair salon in their area.  Her excellent Google reviews that she collects with her reputation management system create trust in the minds of her prospects and greatly help to improve her search rankings on Google.      

Tiffany has reduced the hours of her receptionist. This is because she has a web-chat widget on the homepage of her website that auto responds with FAQs and gives customers a link that allows them to book their appointments directly to each stylist’s online scheduling calendar.  The automated system then sends out text and email reminders prior to each appointment.      

Tiffany improves her customer retention and sales by using a fully automated email campaign.  She sends out prebuilt, personalized emails that make a special offer to customers who haven’t visited in a while and gives the option of booking their appointments directly online 24/7!   

Tiffany also takes advantage of the FREE SBMA template website that comes with her Professional Core System.  She chose to customize it herself saving her thousands of dollars versus a traditional website!

Estimated set up fees - $1397

Monthly SBMA investment -  $497    

Dave runs a growing carpet cleaning business in a very competitive metropolitan area

Core System: Professional

Traffic Generators: Local SEO and Google Local Service Ads.  In addition, every spring, Dave runs a pre-built “Spring Cleaning” Facebook campaign which targets Women aged 30 to 64 that live within a 25 mile radius and have household incomes over $50K per year. People who respond to Dave’s offers can choose to book their cleaning appointments online 24/7 without the need to speak to anyone.   

Dave has a fully automated customer service, review, and referral system. This includes texts and emails that are sent to customers to remind them of their upcoming appointment for carpet cleaning. Immediately after the customer’s carpets have been cleaned, they are sent a text requesting an online review of their work.  24 hours later, they receive an email thanking them for their business and offering them $25 off on their next cleaning if they refer a friend who will also get $25 off on their first cleaning as well.  This is a great way to incentivize referrals!  Finally, Dave’s marketing automation will also send customers reminder emails twelve months after their last cleaning suggesting that it’s time to have their carpets cleaned again.   

Estimated Set-up Fees: $1,800 

Average Monthly SBMA investment: $697

Juan owns a successful Mexican restaurant that has been family run for two generations

Core System: Premium

Traffic generators: Local SEO, Facebook, and Display Ads – Juan runs a Facebook “birthday campaign” for new customers which makes a special offer to people on their birthday that are over 25 years of age,  live within a 10 mile radius of his location, with a household income of over $30K per year . In addition, he runs a display campaign which “geo-fences” other Mexican restaurants within a 10 mile radius of his location and sends them mobile ads for his restaurant for 90 days. This is a great way to target prospects that are proven patrons of Mexican restaurants!    

In addition to Juans Facebook birthday campaign to attract new customers,  Juan runs an automated “birthday club” campaign which has become very popular with his current customers.  People that sign up receive an email every year that arrives a few days before their birthday offering them a free appetizer.  This builds strong customer loyalty and encourages people to schedule their birthday dinner at Juan’s restaurant. And it’s all done automatically requiring no ongoing work from Juan’s staff!  

Juan even delegates all of his social media marketing to the SBMA so all he has to do is approve the posts!     

Estimated set up Fees $1,600

Monthly SBMA Investment -  $797  


Randy provides great insight into marketing, and he thinks through how all aspects of marketing relates together. If you need help developing an effective marketing strategy and a way to grow your business, I recommend working with Randy and the Small Business Marketing Academy!

Ken Tucker

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Its hard to find good people you can trust, especially when it comes to investing money when your just starting a business. Randy honestly provides great service and knows exactly what he's doing. I would highly recommend him to anyone who is looking to expand their business and make the process as simple as possible.

Arturo Alvarado

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Randy has one of the most brilliant marketing minds I have ever known. He helped turn around a financially failing theater with his innovative marketing skills and now it has $1.2M in the bank!

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