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Create Your Own Retail Service Marketing System

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Im in the process of building the Retail Service Marketing System course. 

Become a FREE charter member of the SBMA today and I’ll email you when each class is ready; PLUS you’ll get your first class FREE! 

Coach Randy Braun, MBA, The Small Business Marketing Guy®

Work with Me to develop your own Retail Service Marketing System

As a charter member of the SBMA, you won’t need to build your Retail Service Marketing System on your own. You’ll be able to message me with questions along the way.  Plus, I’ll give you written feedback on each of the 7 steps of your plan as you complete each class.  The end result will be a comprehensive plan that:

  • Will give you and your business solid marketing focus and direction for years to come
  • Wraps all of the various elements of your marketing into a coordinated system that maximizes your return on your limited marketing resources
  • Contains marketing strategies that are taught in today’s top Universities and are modified to work for smaller retail service businesses
  • Customized to work for you and your business in your own unique situation

Become a free charter member of the SBMA today and I’ll email you when classes become available; PLUS, you’ll get your first class FREE!

The Retail Service Marketing System course – 6 Steps to Growing your Retail Service Business

There will be a total of seven classes on the following topics:

Introductory Class

Core principles of Strategic Value Marketing  – Free for Charter Members!

Foundation classes

Step 1 – Developing Your Ideal Customer Profiles 

Step 2 - Building a Powerful Brand Strategy

Step 3 – Service, Product, and Pricing Strategies

Designing your Three Subsystems   

Step 4 – Designing Your System for getting New Customers

Step 5 -  Designing Your Customer Experience System

Step 6 – Designing Your Customer Development System


Randy provides great insight into marketing, and he thinks through how all aspects of marketing relates together. If you need help developing an effective marketing strategy and a way to grow your business, I recommend working with Randy and the Small Business Marketing Academy!

Ken Tucker

marketing solution architect

Its hard to find good people you can trust, especially when it comes to investing money when your just starting a business. Randy honestly provides great service and knows exactly what he's doing. I would highly recommend him to anyone who is looking to expand their business and make the process as simple as possible.

Arturo Alvarado

business owner

Ed Chambers

Randy has one of the most brilliant marketing minds I have ever known. He helped turn around a financially failing theater with his innovative marketing skills and now it has $1.2M in the bank!

Ed Chambers

Former Board President, Town Hall Arts Center