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Automate Your Digital Marketing

 Increase Your Sales and Profits

Grow Your Business

Do You Think Digital Marketing is Too …….?


Most digital agencies need you to spend thousands of dollars a month to make you “worth their time”

Time Consuming

You might save money by doing it yourself, but do you really have the time, interest, or expertise to do it right?


There are so many different strategies and digital tools to consider.  And who can you trust to create a strong, low-cost strategy that won’t rip you off?      

How We’re Different

We Are NOT An Agency

An agency is a professional services firm where you are paying - usually at very high rates - for the time and expertise of the people on the agency team. The reality is that smaller retail service businesses don’t need - and can’t really afford, to pay for an agency to do ongoing custom work.

Low, Transparent Pricing

Go to the websites of most digital marketing agencies and you won’t see any pricing. Typically, they will only share their prices with you after two or more lengthy meetings and then hit you with an expensive proposal.  We don’t want you to have any “sticker shock”. Our prices are low and you should have a good idea of what your investment would be before you even schedule a consultation.   

Coach Randy, The Small Business Marketing Guy®

We Sell "All-in-One" Systems for Retail Service Businesses

Everything you need to automate your digital marketing is consolidated into a single platform at a very low price.  And we stay focused on continually creating value exclusively for small retail service business. 

So, just what is an SBMA Digital Marketing System?

SBMA Digital Marketing Systems allow you to automate your digital marketing, freeing up more of your time to work in your business and saving you many thousands of dollars a year compared to working with a traditional digital agency. The systems are customized to your business and are simple to run. And, if you have questions, you can connect with our 24/7 live support!

All SBMA Marketing Systems are designed to help you achieve the SBMA’s Four Steps to Online Marketing Success for Retail Service Business, which are to: Attract visitors to your website, Convert those visitors to new customers, Delight your customers with a great customer experience, and Develop your customers into lifelong advocates of your business!  

Please watch the short video below which explains the core strategy and benefits common to all of our Digital Marketing Systems. Right below the video you'll find an overview of our Standard, Professional, and Advanced Membership Systems. 

Overview of SBMA Digital Marketing Systems 


$147/month or $1470/year 

Designed to be a very low-cost "all-in-one" system for ALL retail service businesses. Some of the key benefits this system offers include helping you to:

- Build a strong online reputation and collect customer feedback via automated Google reviews 

- Convert more of your website visitors to customers via your website chatbot 

- Allow your prospects and customers to book appointments online 24/7 with automated text/email reminders.  (extra $50 set up fee) 

- Send out special offers to your customers with pre-built text & email campaigns 

- Get weekly performance reports

- Run your system while on-the-go from your own mobile app! 

$147/month* plus one-time set up fee of $397**

*Get two months FREE with the annual plan!

 ** Take $100 of through July 31st & get your 1st 30 days FREE! 

Plus, you can customize your the Standard marketing system with the following upgrade options : 

- Attract traffic to your website at a very low cost with Basic Local SEO - just $98/year!  

- Use Conversation AI to generate 24/7 automated responses to questions, book appointments, and automatically respond to your Google reviews! - $77/month!      

- Websites starting at just $17/month! (+ design fees)

- Done-for-you Social Media Management starting at just $47/month!


$297/month or $2970/year

Designed for service appointment sellers like Salons and membership sellers like Gyms & Studios. Offers the same benefits found in the Standard Marketing System plus:

- Get a template website with no monthly hosting fees!    

 - Resell & bond with your customers using your CRM and prebuilt fully automated email campaigns!  

- Use automated "No show" text/email campaigns to follow up with people who missed their appointment & encourage them to rebook!  

- Use AI to create and schedule your own social media posts weeks in advance! 

- Create blogs, newsletters, & emails with the help of AI 

-  Improve your "customer experience" with customer feedback surveys that can be automatically sent after every appointment.

- Build strong loyalty with your customers by sending them a personalized birthday email or text every year- done completely on autopilot!  

$297/month* with one-time setup fee of $597 **

Get two months FREE with the annual plan!

** Take $100 off through July 31st & get your first 30 days FREE!


Optional upgrades are the same as the Standard Marketing System plus: 

- Use Facebook ads to find new customers for you 24/7 for just $97/month! * (+ $400 set up fee) 

    *doesn't include ad spend

Use Advanced Local SEO to draw in new customers from several miles around your location - Prices vary.

 - Offer online classes and videos that can only be accessed by your members/customers - $97/month        

Advanced Membership

$497/month  or $4970/year

Designed for Membership sellers like Gyms & Studios.  Includes all the benefits found in the first two Marketing Systems plus the following:

- Track the progress of your prospects through your own custom sales pipeline.  

- Automatically move your prospects through your sales pipeline with the help of an automated series of emails, texts, & even ringless voicemails! 

- Stay "top of mind" with your prospects by showing them online Google ads for weeks after they have visited your website's pricing page! (Google ad spend is extra) 

- Reactivation Campaigns using text/email to bring back old customers without spending a dime on advertising or direct mail!  

- Incentivize your happy customers to refer their friends to you via email with both parties taking advantage of a special discount!  


$497/month* plus one-time setup fee of $897**

* Get two months FREE with the annual plan!

** Take $100 off through July 31st & get your first 30 days FREE!

Optional upgrades are the same as the Professional Marketing System


Four Steps to Online Marketing Success for

Retail Service Business

All SBMA Marketing Systems are designed to help you achieve the SBMA’s Four Steps to Online Marketing Success for Retail Service Business, which is:

Step 1 - Attract

new visitors to your website

Step 2 - Convert

those visitors into new service appointments, free classes, or tours

Step 3 - Delight

your customers with an exceptional customer experience that is driven in part by getting ongoing customer feedback

Step 4 - Develop

your customers into lifelong advocates of your business!

All Digital Systems come  with free onboarding & 24/7 technical support! 

And, until July 31st,

You get $100 off your base setup fees and the First 30 days of your core system for FREE! 

If you would like to learn more about getting an SBMA Digital Marketing System for your business, schedule a free consultation with Randy now! 


Randy provides great insight into marketing, and he thinks through how all aspects of marketing relates together. If you need help developing an effective marketing strategy and a way to grow your business, I recommend working with Randy and the Small Business Marketing Academy!

Ken Tucker

marketing solution architect

Its hard to find good people you can trust, especially when it comes to investing money when your just starting a business. Randy honestly provides great service and knows exactly what he's doing. I would highly recommend him to anyone who is looking to expand their business and make the process as simple as possible.

Arturo Alvarado

business owner

Ed Chambers

Randy has one of the most brilliant marketing minds I have ever known. He helped turn around a financially failing theater with his innovative marketing skills and now it has $1.2M in the bank!

Ed Chambers

Former Board President, Town Hall Arts Center